Abstract: Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death worldwide. It is also called heart disease. As per the WHO report, around 17.9 million people die every year from Cardio Vascular Diseases, an estimated 31% of all deaths globally, and patients die mainly because of non-appropriate and un-affordable treatment. Heart related diseases are a worldwide major health crisis in the present scenario. This disease can be curable with early diagnosis and proper treatment[1][2]. The purpose of this paper is to establish some predictive analytical models using Machine Learning algorithms by taking a real time CVD dataset. In this paper, we have shown some experimental observations with the help of some Machine Learning classification algorithms, and also shown a clear vision on the predictive analysis on medical diagnosis of the Cardio Vascular Disease(CVD) using Machine Learning algorithms using which patients may get benefited by the accurate result for the better diagnose in their early treatment.

Keywords: Algorithm, Cardio Vascular Disease, Classifier, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11148

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