Abstract: Given the consistently expanding predominance of innovation in present day life, there is a comparing improve in the probability of advanced gadgets being relevant to a criminal examination or common suit. As an immediate outcome, the quantity of examinations requiring computerized scientific ability is bringing about gigantic advanced proof excesses being experienced by law requirement organizations all through the world. It tends to be foreseen that the quantity of cases requiring computerized criminological examination will incredibly increment later on. All things considered, each case will require the examination of an expanding number of gadgets including PCs, cell phones, tablets, cloud-based administrations, Internet of Things gadgets, wearables, and so forth. The assortment of new computerized proof sources presents new and testing issues for the advanced agent from an ID, procurement, stockpiling and investigation point of view. This paper investigates the ebb and flow provokes adding to the excess in computerized legal sciences from a specialized stance and diagrams various future research points that could incredibly add to an increasingly productive advanced measurable procedure.

Keywords: Digital Evidence Backlog, Digital Forensic Challenges, Future Research Topics

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8815

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