Abstract: With the increasing number of images users share through social sites, maintaining privacy has become a major problem. Users find very difficult to keep control on the privacy of their shared contents and end up inadvertently losing the privacy of their shared content. To address this issue we propose a system which will not only provide user with self-designing of privacy policy for their shared images but also the system will itself use the history result and provide a privacy policy for new users. The system will use data mining algorithm to access the history dataset and predict a privacy policy for new user accessing the data. System will also provide user with refined searching approach for image search where user can submit an image or query or both together to get expected output which will be set of images. Our system will be provide user with secure access to images with privacy policy changing as per user thus making owners data safe and secure.

Keywords: Privacy, photo sharing, online content, social network

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71137

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