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Abstract: Our routine life can have a consistent assimilation of automated infrastructure with the help of pervasive computing environments having interconnected devices and services promise. With the possibilities of adding new devices to the herd of pervasive computing devices and developing new and effective applications to enhance functional performance, there is another flip of the coin is there having privacy and security issues in pervasive computing environments, which are, unfortunately, not delved into an appropriate extent. The user experience is made superior by accessing the context information about the resources and users and their physical location by the pervasive computing application, but eventually helping in exploitation, which was not possible in the traditional distributed computing because of its nature of abstracting away the physical location of resources and users. The need of resource sharing and collaboration is giving birth to different types of communication not only amongst users but between the physical and virtual worlds as well. And it is making the separation of physical security from digital security altogether is very difficult. There are so many new vulnerabilities has been exposed by the pervasive computing paradigm and existing policies and security mechanisms cannot provide adequate guarantee do deal with this new environmental exposure. In this paper, the authors are putting their combined efforts to explore the challenges for security and privacy into pervasive computing environments.

Keywords: Pervasive Computing, Privacy, Security, Transparency, Interoperability, Scalability

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7109

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