Abstract: In cities like Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai the busses are the nerves of the city. But they are behaving as an open invitation for evil minds to do mishaps as there is no maintenance of data of passenger. The tickets cost being of odd amounts and many other different problems while buying tickets. Also in this advance world we are dependent on the paper tickets and we even cannot book the ticket in advance doesn’t seems fare so here is a solution.In this proposed system ticket can be bought with just a smart phone application and, where users or passengers can issue ticket pass and carry pass tickets in his smart phone as a QR (Quick Response) code. The bus passes generating system using QR code can be brought easily any time anywhere and the ticket will be present in the passenger phone in the form of QR. Also the ticket checker is provided with a checker application to search and check for the user's ticket for checking purposes
Keywords: Login, Apply, Payment, Generation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12650

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