Abstract– In this project we are creating an online crime reporting system software which can accessed by people's the department. In India the public was afraid of the false grievances regarding the department of government. With Online Reporting System public can report a crime without any fear and they can easily contact the department where they can solve the problem in effective manner and department can easily catches the criminals by checking the previous record from inferior data. This computer software is safe and protective for the user as well as for department and admin because there will be no leakage of any generous of information   Here we want to create an online crime reporting system software which is well accessible to the general public, the department of local government and there-fore the body department. The traditional public in Asian country is afraid to lodge a grievance as a result of their full of a false worry regarding the department of local government. A web grievance registering system can allay the fears of the general public and can conjointly facilitate within the public serving to the department of local government in catching criminals. This system has been taken as a protective and safetybased application for both public and government interest.

Keywords: Complaints, Crimes, Investigations etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12655

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