Abstract: The importance of digital image processing is crucial in medical field. There are several platforms where image processing is playing a key element. One of the main are of application is dentistry. In this dental radiograph are more useful for dentist to evaluate and or examine patient tooth related abnormalities. The proposed work is carried out to enhance the quality of dental radiographs. Here we are focusing on Intraoral Periapical IOPA films. Proposed system is based on image processing. In this paper we are focusing the dentistry related imaging techniques and proposed system to enhance conventional film quality. Dental imaging also a broad area of research work in medical field. In dentistry the work starts from conventional x-ray film-based technique (2D imaging) to recently digital imaging techniques (3D imaging).  As no doubt digital techniques are giving more quality and providing high resolution digital images like computed tomography, MRI, CBCT etc to regularize treatment. We are focusing on conventional method which is again preferable by dentist in remote areas and villages. The aim of proposed system is to enhance the quality of film up to a certain proper diagnose level at same end.

Keywords: Dentistry, Dental Radiographs, Patient Tooth, Intraoral Periapical, Image processing.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9809

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