Abstract: In traditional ways of quality control of hardware steel products (regular rectangular shape), the industrial experts use Vernier Caliper for error checking. Usually, this is done manually which takes a lot of time and cost, and this might have some error while checking. To avoid this problem, there should be an automated system which will not require any man power and perform this task fast as well as accurately. The proposed system will allow users to make accurate non-contact measurement detect a fault in product’s shape and dimensions. The proposed system will measure dimension of hardware steel products. An image of the product captured from the specified height will be used to measure the dimension. The proposed system will use image segmentation, area detection and then size measurement. The dimensions obtain from the process is compared with the expected dimensions. Based on this, if the obtained dimensions and expected dimensions match, the product will be classified as correct else fault. The proposed system aims for fault detection process which will detect faults quickly and precisely.

Keywords: Fault Detection, Quality Check, Dimension Calculation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11591

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