Abstract- A cutting-edge new technology called quantum dot solar cells has the potential to completely transform the solar energy industry. These solar cells absorb sunlight and transform it into electricity using microscopic semiconductor particles called quantum dots. Due to their special optical and electronic characteristics, quantum dots are incredibly effective at converting solar energy into electrical energy. They can be tuned to absorb specific light wavelengths, making it possible to use the solar spectrum more effectively.

The efficiency of quantum dot solar cells has significantly improved in recent years, with some research teams reporting efficiencies of over 12%. Quantum dot solar cells are also a viable alternative for large-scale deployment because they may be produced at a lower cost than conventional silicon-based solar cells. The development of quantum dot solar cells still faces obstacles, such as enhancing their stability and endurance over time, despite these encouraging developments. But given its potential advantages, this technology represents a promising direction for further study and development in the area of renewable energy.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12552

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