Abstract: One of the unresolved issues in today's smart world is the inefficient parking system. It becomes difficult for a driver to find an empty spot, resulting in a waste of time, money, and fuel, as well as the worst-case scenario of failing to seek out any car parking zone. Many problems, such as being stuck in traffic and having a limited number of parking spaces, can be solved by IoT. To address this issue, we propose a system that would save drivers time by allowing them to see where there are parking spots with available free spots in the surrounding area. Our project will make use of low-cost sensors and wi-fi modules to provide real-time data. This data will be updated in the database and retrieved by our Android application, allowing people to accurately locate where the available places are. This project, once implemented, will reduce pollution in metropolitan centres while still saving time and money.

Keywords: IoT (Internet of Things), Android Application

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10308

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