Abstract: The direction of computing is affected and lead by several trends. First, we have the Data Overwhelm from Commercial sources (e.g., Amazon), Community sources (e.g., Twitter), and Scientific applications (e.g., Genomics). Next, we have several light‐weight clients belong to many devices spanning from smartphones, tablets to sensors. Then, clouds are getting popular due to their advantages since they are cheaper, greener, and easy to use compared to traditional systems. Finally, sensitive data stored as a plain text on a cloud system would be vulnerable to unauthorized access and the security become an important aspect. We believe that these advancements steer both research and education and will put together as we look at data security in the cloud. We introduce a password‐based encryption (PBE) approach to protect sensitive data, investigate the performance metrics of the proposed approach, and present the experimental results for the key generation and the encryption/decryption calculations.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10447

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