Abstract: A wireless sensor network of spatially shared out self-directed sensor for observing materialistic otherwise atmospheric situations, like sound, warmth, stress, so on as well as to cooperatively go by their data via network to the central location. A WSN is the network of hundreds or thousands nodes having low price, short powered, extremely little sensor nodes by processing ability. It had the potential of sensing extremely dynamic, rapid changing physical factor. This proposed protocol improves Existing protocols and consider parameters such as alive nodes, Remaining Energy, First Node Dead Evaluation, Tenth Node Dead Evaluation, Last Node Dead Evaluation, Improvement ratio in stable period, Improvement ratio in network lifetime for evaluating the performance of proposed protocol. This improvement results in increased lifespan of network.

Keywords: WSN, Threshold Sensitive Energy Efficient Sensor Network (TEEN), Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchical (LEACH).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91005

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