Abstract: The number of aging high-rise civil structures is growing throughout the world, and maximum of them use concrete as a building material and is also very important material. There are high chances of concrete lose its strength due to continuous loading and environmental impacts. There by, damage may occur on the exterior surface of the structure. Whenever these deformities are left without investigated and untouched, the integrity of the structure may be compromised. Therefore, regular maintenance of the structure is very much nessesary. Some of the prior studies have used a drone as a instrument to capture and record the current state of the structure. Later, captured videos and images should analyze all the pictures to determine damage using object classification, localization, and segmentation methods. Sometimes the drones relay the collected data which uses a wireless medium. However, the developed systems are very complicated, time consuming, and requires a very high bandwidth

Keywords: Crack detection, Concrete bridge deck, Machine learning Real Times

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12256

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