Abstract: Pothole is a depression in the normal surface of the road. Lack of bond between the bituminous surfacing and the base course below due to improper application of prime coat and track. Larger potholes sometimes cause breath holding accidents and loss of lives as they are not visible at night. Pathetic condition of roads is a boosting factor for traffic congestion and accidents. The driver must manually look for potholes on the road while driving sometimes, the driver encounters many risks such as he will be at a constant speed and suddenly there will be a pothole on the way. At these times, the risks of accidents are more. To ensure road surface quality it should be monitored continuously and repaired as necessary. Thus, we have developed a proposed design using Deep learning. Here, we have used image processing to detect the road potholes. The process is done by proposing an image - processing to detect potholes from satellite images. By using the algorithm mentioned above, the system can detect whether the road has potholes or not. Once the system finds the potholes, the system will send the data to micro controller received on the GPS location and it is sent via mail and SMS.

Keywords: Potholes, Transportation safety, Deep Learning, Image Processing, GPS

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115212

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