Abstract: Fatal Road accidents can be easily avoided by understanding the psychological condition of drivers. Majority of road accidents occur during night driving due to the state of drowsiness. Existing system uses EEG signals which has low spatial resolution by which there is a serious time delay between the neuron signals and actions generated by it. This makes the system tough for the real time prediction. The above problem can be resolved by using data fusion technique where an eye blink and heart rate monitoring system that alerts the driver during the state of drowsiness. With the aid of a eye blink sensor, when the driver closes his eyes for more than 5 seconds ,the driver's data along with the heart rate variability is sent to the cloud. The driver is monitored and the wake-up message is translated to speech and sent to the driver. Health care system monitors the health and psychological condition of driver from departure of the vehicle.  Genuine follow-up of the driver will also be monitored with robust GPS.

Keywords: Data Fusion, Cloud Data Analysis, GPS, Reliable Data Management.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9328

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