Abstract: Last years of COVID shows that mask-wearing is a important thing in stopping the COVID-19 spreading. By the time of this article, most states have recover from COVID pandemic but mask wearing is needed for personal safety of person. So, real-time face mask and temperature detection becomes an essential application to prevent the spread of the pandemic as well as other viral infection. This study will present a face mask and temperature detection system that can detect and monitor mask-wearing and temperature from camera and gives alert when the person is not wearing mask. Using SVM and CNN algorithm we can detect the person is wearing mask or not. Increasing number of cases all over the world, this system is replace humans to check masks on the faces of people is needed and also detection of temperature is needed. This system fulfil all those need. Our system can be used in public places like airport entry and railway station. This system is very useful in many companies where there are lot of peoples are worked .We have used basic concepts of convolutional neural network algorithm to state the mask wearing position .Results shows that our model performs well on the test data with 100 percent and 99 percent precision and recall, respectively. Our system will be python and machine learning based .Our system is very helpful there because it is worked on real time and gives output in seconds and will very easily find the people who are not wearing the mask or not and gives the temperature of person if he or she is wearing mask .If the person is not wore the mask the system gives alert message. This system saves the precious time of person because it is work on real time bases.

Keywords: Machine Learning, SVM Algorithm, CNN Algorithm ,python ,face mask detection, temperature detection ,alert system


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111108

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