Abstract: The motivation behind this task work is to plan an enemy of pirating framework which is  valuable in Protected Forest regions. The Theft and illicit development of business trees like Sandalwood, Teak, Sagwan., and so on have been a noteworthy concern. It is additionally a burglary to Forest Flora and fauna. As concerned residents our belief system is to counteract such sneaking exercises by utilizing most recent advances. These trees are exorbitant and also less accessible on the planet. These are use in the medicinal sciences and in addition beauty care products. In light of titanic dimension of money related with offering of such tree woods piles of events are going on of cutting of trees and their sneaking. To join such appropriating and to save the forested spaces the world over some preventive evaluations ought to be passed on. We are ending up such a structure which can be used to tie this appropriating.

Keywords: Accelerometer sensor, flex sensor, fire sensor, GPRS, GSM Module, GPS, Cloud

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8207

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