Abstract: War Soldier’s tracking is done using GPS and IoT is used to provide wireless communication system. For monitoring the health parameters of soldier we are using bio medical sensors such as sound sensor , Co2 Sensors and heart beat sensor it is essential for the base station to determine the exact location and the health status of the soldier and hence more emphasis should be given to navigation and health monitoring technology for the soldiers in the war torn zone. In this project the exact location and the health status parameters of the soldier can be sent to the base station in real time so that the appropriate actions can be taken in case of crisis automatically with the help of deep learning algorithms using MQTT protocol. This technology helps to minimize the rescue, time and search operation effort of army rescue control unit. This is a wearable technology which is the most important factor of this project.

Keywords: , CO2 Sensor, Location Tracking GPS, MQTT,Machine Learning,IOT

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10313

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