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Abstract: In real world application, video security is becoming more important now-a-days due to the happening of unwanted events in our surroundings. Moving object detection is a challenging task in low resolution video, variable lightening conditions and in crowed area due to the limitation of pattern recognition techniques and it looses many important details in the visual appearance of the moving object.[1]Video surveillance system is a process of monitoring and analysing video sequences for the purpose of checking the behaviour, activities and other certain information in a video sequence. It is really a very upcoming area in the real time system. It takes lot of data to storage in computer system. In Manual video surveillance the video contents are analysed by human being and this type of Manual systems are mostly used in real time system. But Semi- automated video surveillance system consists of both human intervention and up to some extent of video processing. The function of the video capture section is to take input video data from the individual cameras connected in the local area network and each of the cameras is accessed through the different IP address. And captured video is correct and failure in the video.

Keywords: Semi- Automated Video Surveillance, K-means Algorithm, Object Detecting, Image Analysis, Image Identification, Image Understanding

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71148

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