Abstract: The semi-trusted servers in cloud environment may outsource the files of their clients to some low expensive servers to increase their profit. To some extent, such behavior may violate the wishes of cloud users and impair their legitimate rights and interests. In this paper, a probabilistic challenge-response scheme is proposed to prove that the clients’ files are available and stored in a specified cloud server. In order to resist the collusion of cloud servers, common cloud infrastructure with some reasonable limits, such as rational economic security model, semi-collusion security model and response time bound, are exploited. These limits guarantee that a malicious cloud server could not conduct a t-round communication in a finite time. So we proposed a system which will store data on cloud for specify time and then it will again restore automatically on the machine. The research reveals that the use of real time tracking technology in logistics is still at its infancy stage in UK, but with great potential to grow in the future[3]. We start analyzing motivations for cloud computing, providing also definitions and background for the following contributions. Then, we carefully analyze and discuss the properties of a monitoring system for the cloud. Cloud Computing has become an important aspect in today's world as technology has grown past all the boundaries and there is a need to connect resources and users without having physical connection. The high demand for data processing and leads to high computational requirement which is usually not available at the user's end.

Keywords: Pentium IV and Above, Lan, Hard Disk, Cloud Server, Compression, Decompression of a File, Compression Algorithms, Increasing Effective Data Density, Data Storage Space, Resource Usage or Transmission Capacity

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8102

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