Abstract: Thinking of what to cook is also a difficult problem. To attract children liking, parent need to exchange the menu every day. Parents not only think to what recipe to changes, they also need to consider the nutrition that their children taken. Besides that, some people will forget buy ingredients to stock in their kitchen. This will become a problem when they want to prepare meal within short time. It is difficult to think what to cook with limited ingredient that in the kitchen Many people often cook a dish with a cooking recipe on Websites and magazines. The listed ingredients in the recipe sometimes cannot be prepared. This paper propose a recommendation system for different ingredients. The recommendation ingredients based on co-occurrence frequency of ingredients on recipe database and ingredient category stored in a cooking ontology. For object detection open CV is used which is java based. Basically we are using this platform for feature extraction of ingredients. Grey scale of the image is calculated, further histogram is generated which helps in identification of the food items.

Keywords: Recipe, Ingredient, User, Interest

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8313

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