Abstract: Link reliability is a major problem in wireless communication. We have proposed a link expiration time estimation scheme which finds out estimation of LET for the mobile nodes having same distance with the source node in a definite cell and LET is compared for the two scenarios and actual LET is evaluated. Mobile nodes get combined and start forwarding of packets on the communication path. From the two calculated link expiration time least one will be treated as the actual expiration time. QualNet simulator with dimension 1500x1500 is used. Simulation provide transmissions for data packets of sender in reliable manner and increase the efficiency of scenario, such as the delivery ratio, average delay, average jitter, time spent in transmitting and receiving packets and the total number packets received resulting in maximum tendency of ZRP for number of packets received and AODV for various MAC layers parameters.

Keywords: LET (link expiration time); Packet Delivery Ratio; Average Delay and average jitter, QualNet simulator; AODV, MAC and ZRP routing protocols

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.81116

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