Abstract: As we know the industries consisting of inductive loads especially high wattage machine and all the machines are connected to the earthing system. It is very important to monitor the earthing system. Mostly earthing are pipe type earthing and plate type earthing so, in a substation or any installation the pipe earthing are mostly used. If the leakage current increases and the person get in contact with the machine, it may get a severe shock. Hence, it is very important to continue monitoring the earthing system. In our project, we deals with the continuous monitoring of the earthing system. In this project we continuously monitoring the leakage current on the LCD, if the leakage current is more than permissible limit then there will an alarm and similarly if the moisture of the earth gets decreases, the earth resistance increases. This will be also displayed on the LCD that will especially monitor for the leakage current magnitude in order to maintain in the permissible limit. If the permissible Limits get increases there will be an alarm signal or there will be a message to the observer through GSM device. We are mostly using GSM technology to transfer the data from one place to another so, overall our project deals with the remote monitoring of the earthing system.

Keywords: Pipe Earthing, Microcontroller Pic16f886, Leakage Current, Earth Resistance, Moisture Level.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9421

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