Abstract: Pandemic has led to a global health crisis and people are forced to move in. People may face the need for equipment or utilities for a temporary period. In such a case, purchasing the tool or item may not be an appropriate solution. The proposed system helps you find local people from the neighborhood who may make use of the item required for some time in exchange for a small rental fee. People can connect and bargain for a better price and rent the item. So, the system plays the role of a portal to rent items. People with spare items can list it on the app to generate a small amount of passive income by renting it out to neighbors. On the other hand, people who need items for a short time may search for the item on the portal and possibly find someone who can rent it to them. The feature to look forward to here is the security against scams.

Keywords: Flutter, Rental, Money, Scams, Bargain, Exchange.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101124

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