Abstract: Social media is the platform where large amount of sentimental information are present. Sentiment analysis combines the natural language processing for analysing various emotions present in the social media. Natural language processing is a field in machine learning which is used to analyse and understand the given text. It can be used to analyse whether the product review or movie review is positive or negative based on data. The importance of Malayalam is increasing   on social media sites and shopping sites which show the scope of this topic. The sentiment analysis is done with the help of sentiment classification. Dividing the tweets based on their polarity i.e. negative, positive and neutral. Here the positive comments are taken into consideration and the negative comments are discarded. This paper study various sentiment analysis works and analyses various approaches used for sentiment analysis of different languages.

Keywords: Machine learning, NLP, ANN, Maximum Entropy, Naive bayes

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9110

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