Abstract: Any online trade that involves digital plutocrat is a bit of a challenge these days with the rising pitfalls of hackers trying to steal bank details posted online. This leads to the invention of colorful kinds of crypto- currency, Bitcoin being one of them. .Blockchain is a- consolidated, public tale of all crypto- currency trade/s. Blockchain tries to produce and partake all the online deals, stored in a distributed tale, as a data structure on a network of computers. It validates the deals using  peer- to- peer network of computers. It allows addicts to make and corroborate deals directly without a central authority. Blockchain is a trade database which contains information about all the deals ever executed in the history and works on Bitcoin protocol. In this analysis paper we mooted what  is Blockchain.

Keywords: Blockchain , Structure Of  Blockchain , Types Of  Blockchain, Advantages And Disadvantages

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125297

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