Abstract: Cloud computing is a computing technique, where a large group of systems are connected through private or public networks, where data owner can store his data on the remote systems and frees from storage burden and uses the data on-demand, anytime, everywhere. As a Cloud data user does not possess direct control of his data, security is one of the few challenging issues which need to be addressed. Security in Cloud computing can be addressed in many directions such as. Authentication, integrity, confidentiality and many more. Data integrity (or) correctness is a issue where there may have some unauthorized alteration in the data without consent of data owner. Hence, data storage security in cloud computing is of the utmost importance nowadays. In this paper, we summarize some encryption-decryption algorithms which is used to secure the user’s data in a cloud environment using a cloud simulation toolkit. Cryptography is caring about the confidentiality of data in the loud. Cryptography these days is a combination of algorithm types:

Symmetric Key Algorithm (AES)

Asymmetric Key Algorithm (RSA)

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Data Security, RSA

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9210

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