Abstract: The generation of natural language text from the given data has become common today. The text generation system find out the required information to must include in the output. The automatic text generation system has variety of applications. The researchers found that in the 192 countries in the private colleges and university college 56.7 million students are studying. The number of students in the world is increasing. And all students should have a proper Text Books. The number of Text Books production is limited and it is not sufficient to satisfy the student’s requirements. The text books as per the syllabus make students to learn easy. Here we are attempt to develop a Text Book generator software. The software is to get a pdf formatted Text Book as per their syllabus. In which the syllabus of our subjects are given as the input to the system, and generate a text document by collecting the information using web crawling method from the trusted educational websites. The generated text document is summarized to get a precise and crisp summary with the required data.

Keywords: Educational Websites, Summary, Text Book Generator, Web Crawling

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.81220

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