Abstract-The progress of the Internet of Things has seen data sharing as one of its utmost suitable applications in cloud computing. Data security remains one of the main failures it faces since the wrongful use of data leads to several damages. In this article, security is done by hiding the proxy data. Data owners can subcontract their hidden data to the cloud using identity-based encryption, while proxy re-hiding construction will grant appropriate users access to the data. With the Internet of Things devices being resource-constrained, the main device acts as a proxy server to handle high computations. Also, we make use of the feature of information-centric networking to deliver cached content in the proxy effectively, thus improving the quality of data and making good use of network bandwidth. Additionally, our system model is built on blockchain, a technology that allows decentralization in data sharing. It moderates the bottlenecks in centralized systems and fine-grained get into control to data. The security progress and study of our scheme show the ability of our method in ensuring data confidentiality integrity, and security.

Keywords:-Blockchain, access control, identity-based encryption, data Security.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11465

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