Abstract: Low efficiency and complex services are issues in the present medical insurance claims procedure. A patient must visit the hospital to request a diagnosis certificate and receipt before sending the necessary application materials to the insurance provider in order to submit a medical insurance claim. The patient won't get paid until the business has finished verifying everything with the hospital. However, blockchain technology has the potential to make the situation better. The new project is an integrated healthcare system in which all the hospitals and insurance companies will be able to do registration in the system. The patient’s health record eg. medical bills, reports, admit cards, etc. will be maintained on blockchain servers in encrypted format and patient will be able to claim the insurance. The insurance company will be able to review all the bills and reports. As all data is maintained on blockchain servers there is no possibility of manipulation in bills and reports hence transparency will be maintained and security of the claims processing will be increased.

Keywords: Blockchain, Medical Insurance, Insurance claim, AES, SHA.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124123

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