Abstract: The Smart Traffic Management System is an advanced traffic management solution that utilizes modern technologies to enhance traffic flow and safety on the roads. The system incorporates several components such as an IR-based traffic density detection system, an RFID-based no parking system, an RFID-based emergency vehicle management system, and a speed breaker system using servo motors. The IR-based traffic density detection system helps to monitor and regulate the flow of vehicles on the roads, reducing congestion and improving safety. The RFID-based no parking system alerts drivers when they park their vehicles in prohibited areas, improving the management of parking spaces. The RFID-based emergency vehicle management system enables faster response times for emergency vehicles by automatically detecting and signalling their presence to other vehicles on the road. Finally, the speed breaker system using servo motors helps to slow down vehicles in high-risk areas, reducing accidents and increasing safety. Overall, the Smart Traffic Management System is an innovative solution that aims to optimize traffic management and safety, offering a range of benefits to drivers, pedestrians, and the environment.

Keywords: RFID Tag, Servo Motor, Density Based, Emergency Vehicle, Modern technologies

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12474

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