Abstract: Robotic Process automation (RPA) is a new technology in automation of any routine human task which is repetitive. This technology is useful to the organizations that are ready to implement automation. The information regarding RPA is scarce as it is a new technology. RPA is getting corporate attention particularly in digital transformation which is progressing in recent times. Even though RPA is very popular in corporate world, the academic research is lagging behind.
The processes which are performed by human are automated by using software robots. The companies use software robots as they are easy to use and very much adaptable. The direct effects of software robots and their indirect impacts on organizations needs to be addressed. In this paper we will discuss about RPA as well as a RPA Tool called Automation Anywhere

Keywords: RPA- Robotic Process Automation, AA- Automation Anywhere, Automation Bots

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11776

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