Abstract: The design of the trial is two factorial R.B.D with 8 treatments and three replications. The treatments comported of four situations of potassium (K2O@ 80,120,160 AND 200 kg/ha) and two spray schedule of N@ 2 as foliar spray schedule of Urea. Results attained in the present disquisition reveal that the maximum vegetative growth parameters like factory height (149.72 cm), number of famers per factory (3.23) and number of leaves per factory (18.40) were recorded with the operation of potassium and nitrogen i.e, K2O@ 200 kg/ha N@ 2 double spray as compared with sole effect of both the nutrients. Yield and yield attributing characters were also plant to be told much with the operation of K2O@ 200 kg/ha also proved effective towards the number of primary rhizomes. The combined operation of K2O@ 200 kg/ha N@ 2 double spray indicated better rhizome product through enhancement of length and weight as also secondary rhizome product per clump. The operation of K02O@ 200 kg/ha N@ 2 double spray recorded significant on the yield per hectare (36.82 t/ha). The sole operation of potassium and nitrogen also showed significant variation with respect to yield per hectare. A progressive increase with the oleoresin content of turmeric is recorded with the adding boluses of potassium and the number of sparys of nitrogen. Still, the loftiest oleoresin content also impact significantly with sole operation of potassium and nitrogen. The operation of K2O@ 160 kg/ha N@ 2 single spray recorded advanced curcumin content (6.19) of turmeric as compared to double spray of N.

Keywords : Turmeric, Curcuma Longa, Potassium and Nitrogen.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11510

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