Abstract: The application is designed for departmental use for our college where both the faculty members and students can register to seek the convenience to access digital library, digital notes, departmental events, faculty specialization and details, student details and registration forms linking to department events and many other add-ons. This application provides special features to faculty members to add notes in Digital notes section and add events commencing in department and links to register for these events. The users can access digital library, add any new books available in text field specified in digital library section, access co-faculty details in faculty specialization, add circulars in student section and can give their details specified with respect to semesters. Students are given permission only to register, login through University seat numbers and access all the sectional resources available exclusively for students.

Keywords: Role Based Key Access (RBAC), Authentication, Data Mining, MVC Architecture, Modules

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8524

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