Abstract: Perhaps, today’s need to secure end user data on storage server with full of security where user can retrieved or manage data without any vulneraries. So that this issues of data security and maintained data without storing multiple copies of same data is essential to overcome. Therefore, in this thesis work, we proposed a mechanism named “Secure Data Deduplication Approach i.e. SDDA” using cryptographic technique which ensure user authenticity and maintained data deduplication on storage server for the same data. For this perform we implement cryptographic algorithm as MD5 for hash Key generation and SHA1 Algorithm. For Data Encryption we use AES Algorithm where key generated by SHA1 is pass to AES algorithm. Additionally the small chunks of the encrypted data are prepared. These chunks of data are further used with the markle hash tree algorithm using SHA1 algorithm. Firstly, data will be check using MD5 generated hash key. After this, individual block of data is verified by the available data using markele has tree if the data is available then data is duplicate and need not to upload, otherwise the data is uploaded to server. According to the experimental results the proposed SDDA method provides better security approach and facility to store data on server with scalability and availability. The performance of the system is measured in terms of encryption, decryption time and memory respectively.

Keywords:Cloud Storage, Data De-duplication, Data Privacy, AES, Cloud Server, Cloud Security, MD5, Merkle Hash tree.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.764

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