Abstract: Information mining of open-source knowledge on the Web has become an undeniably significant point over a wide scope of spaces, for example, business, law requirement, military, and online protection. Text mining endeavours use characteristic language handling to change unstructured web content into organized structures that can drive different machine learning applications and information ordering administrations. For instance, applications or text mining in online protection have created a scope of danger insight benefits that serve the IT business. In any case, a less contemplated issue is that of computerizing the recognizable proof of semantic irregularities among different content information sources. In this paper, we present Secure connect, another irregularity checking framework for recognizing semantic irregularities inside the network safety space. In particular, we inspect the issue of recognizing specialized irregularities that emerge in the utilitarian portrayals of open-source malware danger detailing data. Our assessment, utilizing a huge number of relations determined from online malware danger reports, shows the capacity of secure connect to recognize the presence of irregularities.

Keywords: secure connect, Framework, semantic irregularities, malware danger, text mining, tweet analysis.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114177

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