Abstract: The discovery of Blockchain has drawn in tremendous interest as of late as it gives security and protection through unchanging disseminated record. Web based casting a ballot is a pattern that is picking up speed in present day culture. It can possibly diminish hierarchical expenses and increment citizen turnout. It takes out the requirement to printing polling form papers or open surveying stations-citizens can cast a ballot from any place there is a Web association. Because of its cordial agreement instrument and sealed information capacity, it is generally embraced in the fields where trust is given utmost prominance. Encryption using homomorphic calculations can be utilized towards work on the information as it is encoded without the information on private keys. Activities may be achieved on a encoded information without the need of unscrambling the information. An electronic democratic framework ought to be secure, and it shouldn't permit copy casts a ballot and be completely carefully designed, while safeguarding the protection of the electors.

Keywords: Homomorphic Encryption, E-voting, ballot entry, Web based Application

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11426

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