Abstract: A new secure picture transmission technique that changes naturally a given enormous volume secret picture into a secret-fragment-visible picture is called a mosaic picture of an exactly similar size. The mosaic picture, which looks to be like a discretionarily choose target picture and may be used as a disguise of the secret picture, is yielded by separating the secret picture into sections and changing their shading attributes to those of the comparing pieces of the target picture. Skillful techniques are invented to lead the shading change process so that recovered secret pictures may be almost losslessly. A scheme for handling overflows/underflows in the converted pixels shading values by recording the shading contrast in the untransformed shading space is proposed in addition. The data needed for improving the secret picture is embedded in the created mosaic picture by a lossless information concealing plan using a key.

Keywords: mosaic picture,picture encryption, data hiding , secure picture transmission.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105166

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