Abstract: Cloud computing is evolving daily for securing large data in diverse industries and organizations. The two major challenges about cloud storage are reliability and security. Clients cannot entrust their data to another company without any assurance that they can access their information anytime and no third party will be granted access to it. Data can also be requested from the cloud by the users. However, uploading data in the cloud faces some security issues due to cyber threats and prevalent fraudulent activities. With advancement in technology and research, different solutions have evolved to protect cloud data. Cryptographic techniques utilizing different encryption mechanisms are used to protect the data and ensure its integrity. The existing cryptographic techniques are classical and vulnerable to attacks by quantum computers. In addition, the classical computers utilizes multiple algorithms for encryption and decryption which takes time to encrypt and decrypt a file. In this paper, we presented an optimized new security mechanism using post-quantum cryptography to provide block-wise security to cloud data storage irrespective of the size of the file uploaded or downloaded.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Quantum Cryptography, Cryptographic algorithms, Cloud storage.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11704

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