Abstract: Data Security is a challenging issue of data communications today that touches many areas including secure communication channels, strong data encryption technique and trusted third party to maintain the database. The rapid development in information technology, the secure transmission of confidential data herewith gets a great deal of attention. The conventional methods of encryption can only maintain the data security. The information could be accessed by the unauthorized user for malicious purpose. Therefore, it is necessary to apply effective encryption/ decryption methods to enhance data security. This paper describes a new method of encrypting original data parts with different strong cryptographic encryption algorithms and LSB Image Steganography to hide the decryption keys in an image. This encryption technique enhances the complexity in encryption algorithm at large extent. This paper becomes very special in few aspects, all of them are explained in a detailed way in the chapters.

Keywords: Cryptographic, Data Security, Decryption, Decryption Keys, Encryption, Information Technology, LSB Image Steganography

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11365

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