Abstract: Data security and privacy are rapidly becoming the predominant issue that forces small and medium business organizations to migrate their data from on-site to the cloud storage facilities. The recent apprehension regarding cloud storage arises mostly from the very fact that currently most of the cloud storage service providers are having unlimited access and therefore the opportunity to read the client’s private and sensitive data. There is also a concern that such service providers have so far been unable to convey reasonable surety and confidence that whatever data or information they store on their cloud’s infrastructure remains free from unauthorised or unwarranted access and modification in the files. Appreciably, some have managed to use either symmetric and asymmetric cryptography techniques to realize some level of security on cloud storage. This paper mainly focuses on the file securing and cloud storage security issues, giving particular attention to emerging trends and mechanisms of hybrid cryptography techniques.

Keywords – File Security, Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Hybrid Cryptography, Access, Authorization, Authentication Data Security, Data Privacy, File Storage

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10444

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