Abstract: The cloud data storage service plays a major role in a day to day life. Many scientists have noticed about secure search over encrypted information. The main target of this service is to promise the secrecy of the information stored in the cloud server. However, the huge data stored in a cloud are protected using various privacy and security algorithm. In this regard, to handle the security concerns, it is desirable to deploy sensitive information in encrypted structure. Encrypted information storage protects the information against illegal access. It includes much basic and fundamental functionality such as the search on the information. The searching Handled by keywords is made by two to more keywords to be added. In this proposed project, we have used one of the privacy and preserving encrypted multi-sharing mechanism to achieve the searching.
The merit of re-encryption with unnamed method in which an encrypted can be shared multiple times without revealing both the knowledge of elementary message & the uniformity data of cipher text senders/receivers.

Keywords: privacy, security, re-encryption, cloud computing.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10721

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