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With the rise of cash dispenser machine (ATM) frauds, new authentication mechanisms square measure developed to beat security issues of private of private (PIN). Those mechanisms square measure sometimes judged on speed, security, and memorability compared with ancient PIN entry systems. It remains unclear, however, what acceptable values for PIN-based ATM authentication square measure. we have a tendency to conducted a field study and 2 smaller follow-up studies on real-world ATM use, to supply each a higher understanding of PIN-based ATM authentication and on however various authentication strategies is compared and evaluated. Our results show that there's an enormous an enormous discourse factors on security and performance in PIN-based ATM use. Such factors embrace distractions, physical hindrance, trust relationships, and memorability. From these findings, we have a tendency to draw many implications for the planning of other ATM authentication systems, like resilience to distraction and resilient compatibility.
Keywords: ATM, security, authentication, style implications, field study, lessons learned.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10738

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