Abstract: A non-governmental organization is an organization with no self-profit, group based on the citizen that functions independently of government. Many Non-government organizations are working in the country. NGO activities include, but are not limited to, environmental, social, advocacy, and human rights work. They can work to promote social or political change on a broad scale or very locally. NGOs play a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation. There is a need to provide a platform to connect people to various NGOs based on their needs. This paper proposes WEB application that connects people directly to the relevant NGO. The information about various NGOs is given based on their field of operation. An individual or group requires the services of NGO, if wants to volunteer for some activity can do so after registering with this platform. Web application also provides chat-bot to directly communicate with NGOs and get the queries answered.

Keywords: NGO, Web Application, Register, Volunteer, Chatbot.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9602

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