Abstract: Regression Analysis one of the important techniques from data science, used for data analysis. In regression analysis the curve is designed so that the distance between curve and each point will be minimal. The association between or among dependent and independent variable is plotted with the help of this technique. Process is to observe the data, identify the relationship and trace the path for future so that the different values can use that path as a guideline. There are different types of regression based on number and nature of dependent and independent variable. This research article covers all mostly used Regression algorithm their properties usage; Based on the information about these algorithm, decision of selection of suitable algorithm can be made very easily. There different regression models are available, based on the applicability and frequency of use top 4 algorithms are considered for discussion. To support the research the mathematical equations and identity graphs are mentioned.

Keywords: Regression Models, Types of Regression, Classification and Regression, Selection of Appropriate Regression Model

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8307

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