Abstract: Designing a system for automatic image content recognition is a non-trivial task that has been studied for a variety of applications such as face detection, face recognition, person identification. Face recognition is one of numerous presentations of digital image processing. Automatic face detection is a complex problem which is concerned with the automatic identification of an individual in a digital image. But there are no solutions to detect faces automatically with low resolutions in various applications scenario. We can implement this project computer vision system to predict the screens which are near to their vision or not. This can tiredness the eyes and place stress on the torso because the backrest is no longer provided that support. Viewing distances that are too short may cause eyes to work harder to focus (convergence problems) and may require sitting in awkward postures. For instance, user may tilt their head backward or push chair away from the screen, causing you to automatically type with outstretched arms. But there is no alert system for measuring distance from monitor to eye. The minimum distance is 0.38 m (1.2 ft.) and maximum distance is 1.02 m (3.3 ft.). It can be achieved by using artificial intelligence. We can use web camera for capturing human head positions and separate the background from foreground head positions. If the distance is minimum to pre-define threshold value means, alert is automatically generated and intimate to users without using any sensors. And also extend the approach to design the parent children framework to send alert at the time of seeing unwanted websites.

Keywords: Online Results, Quotation Paper, Online Attendants,

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115174

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