Abstract: Users can transfer their data to the cloud remotely with cloud storage services, and conduct data sharing with others. Remote data integrity auditing is proposed to ensure that data stored in the cloud is essential. Some can cloud storage systems, such as the electronic health records system, can contain some confidential information in the cloud file When sharing a cloud file, the confidential information will not be revealed to anyone. Encrypting the entire shared file will conceal confidential information, but would make this shared file impossible for anyone to use. Whether to know data sharing in remote data integrity auditing with confidential information shielding has not been discussed up to now. To fix this issue, we are proposing a remote data integrity auditing scheme that performs data sharing with confidential hiding information in this project. Under this scheme, a sanitizer is used to sanitize the data blocks that refer to the file's confidential information and convert the signatures of these data blocks into valid ones for the sanitized file.Such signatures are used for checking the validity of the sanitized file during the validity auditing process. As a result, our scheme allows the file stored in the cloud to be exchanged and used by others provided that the confidential information is secret, while remote data integrity audits can still be conducted effectively

Keywords: Big Data, Proxy Re-encryption, Storage Path, Cloud Storage, Sensitive Data.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9808

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