Abstract: Collaborative Time Tracking System for employees is believed to be found under one of many modules of a Project Management. It is crucial that the system to be developed in line with company’s business objectives. CTTS implementation is an internal application developed for efficient functioning of an organization is used to monitor all the employees of a particular organization working on various projects. In this implementation timesheet may record the start and end time of each employee tasks. The timesheet contain a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project. This information may be used for CheckIn and CheckOut of employee time, manage activity, task assign to employee, tracking the update status of each assigned projects and updating the note and management of each tasks, Generate a Timesheet Report for all employees, Sending an email to the project manager and fetching the system IP Address of each employee. The Collaborative time tracking implementation requires development of the following tasks: Get the projects and tasks assigned to an employee. Display a form to enter the number of hours spent by an employee on a task in a day like following: It should be possible to enter the timesheet either for one task at a time and one day at a time, It should be possible to enter the time for all the assigned tasks at a time, It should be possible to modify the note and status of all project task entered earlier. Once the timesheet are entered they cannot be modified. The basic concept of this system is to improve the process of task delegation and monitoring project performance for Project Manager and Project Staff, and logging it into a nice and well-defined database.

Keywords: Time Sheet Management, Timesheet implementation, Case Study, Intranet

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71117

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