Abstract: Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is the most rapidly growing branch of networking and data communication. With the rapid advancements of wireless communication and semiconductor technology, sensor network designed to operate autonomously to connect various other sensors (medical, position and geography) and appliances has become more robust and efficient. In this paper we realize a network consisting of intra-body and inter-body communication network. Each body is considered to be an Autonomous System (AS) capable of mobility and connectivity to every other Autonomous System (AS) with different Autonomous System Number (ASN). The later constitutes the inter-body communication system. This network when connected and tested would enable exchange of confidential and essential data of military personnel. The information in the network to be transmitted is encrypted by various encryption policies and algorithm. This would avoid the intruders from stealing TOP-SECRET data/information. GNS 3 tool is used for implementing routing and cryptography on the network.

Keywords: Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), Autonomous System (AS), Autonomous System Number (ASN)

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8324

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