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Abstract: In this paper we have explained about the performance of IEEE-14 bus system by using Mi power technology. In the previous project the load flow analysis and stability analysis was found by using Mi power software. This project shows the short circuit and contingency analysis by using MI power technology. The maximum & minimum real and reactive power limit have been set & the results are obtained. The output result was found more efficient compared to the previous model. All the power system equipments were designed to withstand high efficiency and to withstand worst case condition. The MI power software is the advanced technology in order to improve the load flow analysis, stability analysis, short circuit and contingency analysis. This project explains about the MI power software to which it raises the efficiencies for the calculation of short circuit and contingency analysis. This project explains about the different fault conditions such as symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault analysis in which we are considering about the short circuit analysis. The transient and sub transient components are to be found and the system leads to the stable condition.

Keywords: IEEE 14 bus, Contingency Analysis, Mi Power Software 9.1

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8530

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